distractions from school

midterms are done with, and i survived (and did well, thank god, because grad school grades are RIDICULOUS. i now understand why my teachers always had insane standards for grades. because grad school breaks your brain in that department. seriously. i got a 95 on something and almost cried because “it wasn’t good enough”. warped.). except the next…four weeks until thanksgiving (ack) are full of projects and papers and more papers and i am mildly terrified.

so, i’m doing the responsible thing.

distracting myself with various un-educational shenanigans.

i revamped my pinterest page. you should follow me because otherwise it’s a waste of my time.

i found a pie i’m going to make – a pumpkin pie from my best friend.

i talk to my bean plant on a daily basis. choice quotes include “you are SO fertile! good work” and “oh god, why are your leaves that color?”

but check it: my pep talks have led to eensy baby bean pods! this one, and then another one, and the twins on another plant. SO PROUD. also so obsessed that i started dreaming about bean pods. which cannot be healthy.

at any rate. i do have “get work done” time scheduled, but if i don’t have “do stupid things” time, i’ll actually snap.