the to-do list from hell and the best mid-week plan ever

it seems to be legally required that professors never communicate about when various items are due. thus, my week, with various tasks checked off as necessary.

– submit modified lesson plan based off an original lesson plan. that we did not have, because the teacher we work with is on maternity leave and her long-term sub did not have the lesson plan we needed. DONE. (due tomorrow)

– submit a curriculum map (all 40 weeks of the year mapped out for one subject, based on the standards of learning, including other content areas to connect the subject to each week) plus unit outline and five lessons for one week of that unit. halfway done. (due saturday)

– write another unit outline, based on a fairly intense strategy in which i need to decide on the deep thoughtful questions students should be able to answer, how i want to evaluate whether or not they answered them accurately (and show that they understood the content objectives), and come up with a list of activities that would guide students towards the eventual evaluation questions and would help them understand the content to the satisfaction of the standards of learning. due friday. cannot do until i get the template, which i cannot access in the correct format.

– take a quiz by thursday at 7 pm for a class on teaching students how to read and write when they are in the transitional stage of those two skills

– teach a lesson friday to a class of fifth graders on the three types of rocks, using a borrowed rock collection and a fiction book. have no lesson plan. try not to panic.

– observe a student who is either an english language learner or not yet fluent in their home language. in a class with no english language learners.

– for a thursday 8 am, read four chapters, and based on that reading, modify activities to fit different children’s needs.

most importantly, i’m baking a pumpkin pie tomorrow. that is what will be my survival tool.

but if anyone ever says that teachers don’t do much, or has ANY complaints about how our education system is rotten because our teachers are terrible or thinks that “those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach”…send them my way. i need to practice my Teacher Look. and then perhaps ask them to plan out a year’s worth of lessons that not only feed off of and into the grades before and after the grade you’re teaching, but also prepare a class full of students of all sorts of needs (because as it turns out, no student develops the way a textbook says he or she should. there is no normal, okay? okay.) for a series of educational-progress-determining standardized tests that do not take into account the million ways a child might learn and express their knowledge, while taking into account a dozen things that might go wrong in any given week that would throw off that meticulously planned map.