to-do list, revised

– teach a lesson to a class full of fifth graders. my classroom placement partner and i will be reading a magic school bus book and talking to them about the different uses for the three types of rocks. i would be more excited if i were not battling a head cold that has migrated to my ear – anything that happens to my right sounds echo-y. yuck.

– finish cleaning my room. actually, not so daunting a task! i just spent 30 minutes putting away laundry (which is my ongoing battle, half the time i forget to put it away….) and cleaning, so really all that is left is to vacuum and take out trash.

– get supplies for tomorrow’s halloween bash! i need candy, cobwebs, glittery spiders, munchies, and beverage makings. right now the house has a giant (fake) spider clinging to our disco ball, a terrifyingly realistic crow, and two tombstones. and zombie makeup. i was going to be a vampire prom queen but the fake teeth i got do not stay in, so i’m just going to be a prom queen. in the most hideous dress of all time. get ready.

i’m looking forward to this weekend. one of my classes has a field trip to a local cemetery, then a bunch of us are going to saturday brunch and apple picking, and then the halloween bash. saturday will be busy but fun.

also, it should be noted: i got everything that was due this week turned in well ahead of time. hurrah!

this totally useless update brought to you by Raging Head Cold.