Monthly Archive: November, 2011

monday morning thoughts

I’m writing this from the bus stop that I ran to only to watch the trolley drive away as I arrived at the stop. Yaaaay, Monday. I also spent five minutes searching for… Continue reading

happy fricking holidays, y’all

decorations are up. sparkle reindeer and santa skull are here for the month.

this post brought to you by coffee

so I have not had much coffee in the past month. and today I had an espresso beverage and now i am all shaky and my mind is going a million miles a… Continue reading

new toy, maybe

okay, to be fair, this is really me testing out the wordpress app for my phone. sorry. nothing exciting to see here. whoa, I can put a fancy quote in move along, y’all.… Continue reading

in which the dog gives me a heart attack

this inner monologue occurred while walking the sweet-but-not-bright dog about twenty minutes ago huh, the dog’s shadow seems extra drooly all of a sudden. and her lip is all puffed up. oh god,… Continue reading

thanksgiving stories

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, i think. mostly for the food. but also for the stories. my family is not very big – and for a while, i was the only… Continue reading

houston, we have a problem

today a few of us in the graduate program realized that the handbook – which is not a handbook, but a carefully hidden pdf on the website none of us ever checked after… Continue reading

in which i realize i’ve been reading something backwards

so i’ve been quietly working on a few internetty ideas, and a piece of those ideas was that i needed a space upgrade for wordpress, since (i thought) i had very little media… Continue reading

goal updates (or, ugh, last week SUCKED)

i wish i could say that i kicked running butt last week. really, not so much. my school schedule exploded, and i was perpetually on the verge of breakdown, which meant that wednesday… Continue reading

on stress and how to deal with it

first off, if you found my blog by searching for clever ways to deal with stress…i am sorry. i don’t have those answers yet. my response to stress (as numerous people in my… Continue reading