the year of goals

the first goal that really comes to mind is more a general resetting of me. i don’t work out. i never floss. i drink too much coffee and don’t enough enough vegetables. that needs to change. i’m blessed with a relatively healthy family history and my mom’s tiny frame. i should probably not take those for granted. i would like to one day be the impossibly old grandma who swears like a sailor and mortifies her grandchildren on a regular basis. and who is, clearly, their favorite.

so. my first goal is pretty basic. get back to working out. i did in college! i was in decent shape. on january 1, there is a new year’s day 5k. i plan to register for it, and spend two months training for it. i want to run the whole thing without walking. and without nearly fainting at the end. so this month i will start. if a 5k is a little over 3 miles, then i’m going to start at one mile. if i start next week, i have 8 weeks exactly to train for that. here’s the training plan.

11/7-11/12: run 1 mile a day.

11/13-11/19: run 1.5 miles a day.

11/20-11/26: run 2 miles a day

and so on. you get the idea. add half a mile each week. 6 or 7 days of the same distance every day will get me to the point of comfort with that distance, right? right. i use runkeeper already, so i can track my progress there. and i can compete with myself that way, no one else.

in addition, i’ll start working with weights, since i have the upper body strength of a goldfish. mildly embarrassing.

i’m already mostly drinking tea. i will keep that up because i can feel a difference (a good one) from when i mostly drank coffee. i will maybe treat myself to a coffee once or twice a week.

i will start flossing. i might honestly make a floss calendar so i remember to do so at least once a day.

honestly i think that flossing will be my hardest thing to keep up. i hate the dentist and hate flossing and am a generally anti-dental human.

so what do you think? are these healthy goals achievable? anyone want to train for that 5k with me?