goals: i has them

we’ve discussed my decision to get healthier – tomorrow i start my 5k training! and i bought dental floss, which is practically the same thing as flossing on a regular basis.

i almost wrote “on the reg” for that and i have NO idea where that came from.

i’m going to go to nyc to visit my friend heather and her husband before they move to florida in august.

i’m going to have a girls’ weekend with my best friend.

i’m going to finish a knitting project. a scarf. just finish it. do it. DO IT.

i’m going to learn calligraphy. how to calligraph? no. calligraphy. there we go. it sounds nifty. and will make for some spectacular holiday cards, when i send them two months late and pretend they got lost in the mail.

that just made a new goal: send holiday cards in a timely fashion. i have loads of random cards. i should send them into the world. give ’em wings.

i’m going to blog more regularly (more on the reg?) because i love to write and i get a kick out of having people who read the blog. even if they find it through “is having a dog and a child dangerous”.

i’m going to cook and bake more. this will benefit my roommates immensely. and my friends. i’ll feed all of you.

in ca…cahoots (almost wrote caboodles. totally different) with the above goal, i will update my baking blog more often. you know. whenever i bake goodies. or eat goodies. i get a decent number of readers on that and i update it like every 3 months. usually to say “oh god, sorry”.

i’m going to do my own 365 photo project. one picture (at minimum) a day for a year. with my real camera. not my phone. i’ll make a flickr set for it, too.

for the immediate future, i have three goals: decide on a nice restaurant for my birthday dinner, decide what i want for my birthday (i’ve cramped my options by deciding not to purchase nice kitchen toys until i live on my own and don’t have to share), and come up with a lesson idea to teach the little ones about ocean currents. I HAVE HIT A TEACHER WALL AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I SHOULD WRITE FOR THAT. and i don’t need to write a lesson plan, just a lesson IDEA. eesh.



p.s. i’m writing this from the train, because we live in the future.