nine days

that is how many days are left until thanksgiving break.

i have never been so excited for a holiday break. ever.

here’s what is between today and the beginning of being a total bum for five glorious days

a handful of readings for language arts

3 lesson plans for science

one paper for social studies

reviewing three unit plans (and lessons) for peers

mock faculty meeting with said peers

editing my own unit plan and lesson plan for that same group project

this week i’m starting the mile-and-a-half stage of my training for the 5k. i hate running on the indoor track at my gym – you have to run 10.5 laps to hit a mile, and i get bored. the treadmill is fine – i can get a feel for my pace – but if i’m facing a tv, and it’s set to the news, i tend to get wrapped up in that and run way too fast. which is never good. i have plans to make pumpkin bars with a friend, and carrot soup (from the manfriend’s recipe). and i think i’ll start planning thanksgiving with my parents – we’re hosting, and i need to figure out what i want to contribute. i’m leaning towards a potato gratin. and possibly apple pie.

and i am slowly piecing together a new internet thing. i’ll keep y’all posted somewhere around the new year. stay tuned.