monday morning happy thoughts

(typing this before i go to bed…)

1. margs and ritas with friends saturday night

2. driving down TERRIFYING back roads that i did not know existed with said friends. well. less happy that we did it, more happy that we did not get eaten by a manbeast. (also, for the record, we had a designated driver, because we have responsible fun)

3. cheez-its.

4. 9 full days till break

5. not much longer after break till a LONG winter break


7. test-driving a ‘soothing rain sounds’ fall-asleep app tonight. wait, no. this is being published in the future. uh…last night.  seriously excited for that. or i WAS excited for it and can report back today. tomorrow. i am SO confused.

8. snoring dogs

9. peppermint mochas

10. new shoe rack for my closet. HELLO PROJECT.

11. sleep. sweet, wonderful sleep.