on stress and how to deal with it

first off, if you found my blog by searching for clever ways to deal with stress…i am sorry. i don’t have those answers yet. my response to stress (as numerous people in my life can attest to) is one of the following horrible options:

1. cry

2. get really insanely grumpy and turn in Colossal Bitch Tess

3. over-think the effect that whatever is stressing me out will have on my life

4. pour my stress into something else and assume that that something else is likely to fall

5. a combination of any of the above

right now, my stress is from school. i know that everyone in my program is feeling similar levels of stress. we have tons of projects due, all around the same time, and not all of those projects have crystal clear guidelines. this last piece is what is currently causing me anxiety – i’m being taught that my students need rubrics so they know what is expected for success, but my professors can’t give me that same guidance? not cool. and today we were reminded of a major project presentation due in two weeks…which our class has not talked about for the entire semester. so this means that tomorrow i’ll spend some quality time with my group members (we picked each other, and they are fabulous, so the group aspect is no big deal) hurrying to get a lesson plan set for the demonstration of said lesson. mind you, we have not seen feedback on the first lesson plan the three of us wrote, so i basically came up with one and we’re hoping it’s good enough. and over thanksgiving i’m going to get my craft on and make beautiful pieces for a tri-fold poster board for that presentation. over this weekend, i need to make final edits to another project and write a paper reflecting on that project.

so. yeah. i’m stressed. i’m not crying. but i feel grumpy, and overwhelmed, and i would like to make it to thanksgiving so i can relax for a few days.

sorry. i know a lot of my posts recently have been all OH MAN STRESS but i try to make this blog a reflection of what’s going on, so that’s what you get. right now, i’m trying to find ways to destress. i think tonight’s method is to put away my computer, curl up with a glass of wine, and maybe make cookie dough to eat…