goal updates (or, ugh, last week SUCKED)

i wish i could say that i kicked running butt last week. really, not so much. my school schedule exploded, and i was perpetually on the verge of breakdown, which meant that wednesday night, after hearing something that ticked me off, i did have a breakdown and cry for a solid 45 minutes. y’know, as you do. i still hold that i was well within my rights to be as angry as i was that night. i’m less angry now, which is good. i, uh, don’t handle RageFace terribly gracefully.

anyhow, on to better things. break begins this week, and while i’m not really going to have a free moment tomorrow to go to the gym (hilarious sidenote: i’m on the train, and a lady just asked if the restroom was free, and my confused brain had me type “restroom” instead of gym…). but tuesday, break begins! BREAK. y’all. i’m seriously excited. so i’m going to get up early and work out, meet a friend for coffee, and get free spa treatments because apparently that happens.

and also, sorry, this post stops short because our train just came to a jerking halt and i have NO idea what is going on.

sigh. if i have to update twitter with many “train fiasco” tweets, i will not be pleased.