in which i realize i’ve been reading something backwards

so i’ve been quietly working on a few internetty ideas, and a piece of those ideas was that i needed a space upgrade for wordpress, since (i thought) i had very little media space left on this account.

and then i actually looked at the numbers. and the words. and realized, oh hey, that says 11.9 MB, not GB. so i have…many GB to use.

in other words, i’m a little bit slow on the uptake. just a little. so that changes my plans. in a good way. i’m just not too bright sometimes, it seems.

also, this post is a plug for two places on the internet.

my dad’s website:  (where he sells his beautiful woodturnings – like pottery, but using trees). go there to buy excellent things.

and my flickr site: – i just uploaded some new photos from the weekend, and am suitably tickled with how they turned out.

also i love page views. go click on EVERY photo so i feel popular.

in most important news: one class, some tutoring, and a paper (if i stop being lazy) AND THEN IT IS BREAK AND I CAN EAT ALL OF THE TURKEY.