Monthly Archive: November, 2011

monday morning happy thoughts

(typing this before i go to bed…) 1. margs and ritas with friends saturday night 2. driving down TERRIFYING back roads that i did not know existed with said friends. well. less happy… Continue reading

nine days

that is how many days are left until thanksgiving break. i have never been so excited for a holiday break. ever. here’s what is between today and the beginning of being a total… Continue reading

a tale of woe: when i was 17 (on voting)

my birthday is at the end of november. and i was 17 for the 2004 elections. and i was really unhappy about that. i wanted to vote. i was educated on who i… Continue reading

what makes me happy

it might have to become a blog tradition (bladrition?) to post a happiness post on monday mornings. just to set my brain in the right place for the day. waffles make me happy.… Continue reading

goals: i has them

we’ve discussed my decision to get healthier – tomorrow i start my 5k training! and i bought dental floss, which is practically the same thing as flossing on a regular basis. i almost… Continue reading

teachery thoughts (very early in the morning)

yesterday, my first class of the day was canceled so that we could work on a final project due before thanksgiving. i could so easily have slept in until noon. instead, i made… Continue reading

the year of goals

the first goal that really comes to mind is more a general resetting of me. i don’t work out. i never floss. i drink too much coffee and don’t enough enough vegetables. that… Continue reading

29 days

in 29 days, i turn 25. i know that in the grand scheme of things, that is very young, but right now, it feels like A Big Deal. my friends who are already… Continue reading