let’s try this again, internets

alright, this is a redo of the post i spent a long time writing but then the internet ate it the other day.

for the past month, i’ve been creating a blueprint for a new blog devoted to my slightly domestic hobbies (and to track my efforts at becoming a more DIY person). the blog name is still up in the air, but sometime this month, you can expect this new blog to come into existence.

this blog will still exist as my personal one – posting about school, teaching, and miscellaneous stories. and clearly, i post here sporadically – sometimes once a week, sometimes three times a day. but! i have a plan for the new blog! here’s what to expect…

– the joy division (i am SO WITTY) – i plan to bake my way through the baked goods portions of the joy of cooking, and write pretty detailed posts about the process, the results, and what i would change. i plan to do at least one post a week on this.

– other kitchen experiments – dinners, etc

– crafty ish – i have some DIY projects (mostly from pinterest) that i am dying to try out, so this section will primarily be devoted to those experiments. for example, click here to see the lacy votives i want to make!! i’ll also be finishing up some knitting projects, starting some new ones, and learning calligraphy – all to be written about here!

– at-home spa – i’ve found some fun recipes for at-home spa recipes (body scrubs, face things, hair things, etc) – like this bath fizzy from martha stewart – that i want to test out on myself and friends

– project 365* – technically, 2012 is project 366 (leap year!).  i will be taking one photo a day (with my real camera) for a year. all photos will be cataloged on flickr, and once a week i will post my favorite

– this week on pinterest – another once-a-week post, i’ll post my favorite things i’ve pinned each week, and favorites that friends have pinned.

i’m pretty excited for this project, and proud of myself for writing out detailed ideas. i hope y’all will follow it – and give me feedback as i try to turn it into a legit crafty person blog.