the new toy has ruined my brain for productivity

oh man, y’all, technology is my favorite.

as an early christmas present, my parents helped me purchase a new macbook pro – and oh, how i love it. i got it yesterday and would love to say that once it was set up, i was super productive and got a ton of stuff done because i took advantage of how fast and magical this machine is.

that would be false, though. i spent forever setting it up to meet my apparently precise needs. then i realized how BEAUTIFUL netflix instant watch looks on this screen, and watched a mini-marathon of white collar while i cleaned my room and put away laundry and wrote two thank you cards and two holiday cards before i passed out. seriously. that was my day. minor break to watch glee and make dinner. and read two books on ways to inject health into my life. more on those later, if i’m not too mortified that i own them.

and i made an excel spreadsheet to track my progress as i try adding a new exercise bit to my usual exercise bit. THEN i was like, let’s add an exercise calendar to the cloud, and i did, and today i’m going to run two miles and start the tracy anderson 30-day method (which i’ll have to conduct on my bed, nothing kinky, because i cannot DO leg-swing-things on the floor without taking out a jewelry stand but it’s cool because i read somewhere that doing exercises on the bed – nothing kinky, really, literally doing sit-ups on your bed – makes you work your core more) after a meeting and a study session and i just realized this is a LONG sentence. phew. but it’s cool, my computer can type long sentences without getting out of breath.

oh, yesterday i also got second lunch with my friend kate (not part of the health-injection, obviously) and then we shopped and i got a present for my mom and a pair of Magic Pants for myself. like, they are as soft as butter and fit like they were made for me and i am never taking them off. and they were originally $200 jeans but the store we went to sells gently used things, i think, or maybe just never-sold, so they were $60 instead. and that is a bargain! for Magic Pants that make my rear look fabulous?

alright. i’m going to get my fabulous butt in gear and go to a group meeting, a study session, and the gym. SEE. THE MACHINE MAKES ME PRODUCTIVE NOW. and take an exam. which i’ll ace because i have this computer.