the problem with television, among other thoughts

i’ve been watching white collar recently, which is pleasantly fun – nothing new, but pretty people being charming is always nice.

the problem is that now i think i could totally be a con artist. not that i will, mind you, but that i COULD if i needed a new life path. the same thing happened when i watched lie to me. i spent a month convinced i was learning some skill – and could read people’s micro expressions.

this is hooey. clearly.

but EVERY time i watch a new show, i decide that it represents not just a escapist reality, but a possible reality. for me. that sexy doctors abroad show? totally thought i would be able to survive in the jungle. lost? uh, clearly i would handle a mysterious island well. glee makes me think i could sing for a living.

movies do the same thing to me. when i was little, and saw the little mermaid, i decided to grow up to be a mermaid. thus far, that plan has not panned out. but really. every time i see a movie or a show or read a great book, i get swept up by the fantasy of it all, and it takes my mind a few days (or weeks) to find solid ground again.

so if we’re talking, and i’m staring at you, i’m just reading your facial expressions, that’s all. no pressure. i learned from the best.