on laziness and the gym (a tale of woe)

i’ve been going to the gym sporadically – not when i was sick (for like two weeks, which was fun) – and there was a week when i got there once because the rest of my time was devoted to freaking out that i would never finish anything in time for exams. but this week, i am done! so i ran two miles wednesday. i ran 1.39 miles yesterday and then did the leg workout from tracy anderson’s 30-day method (hello. pain.). and today i tried valiantly to get out of bed at 6:30 to go work out but it seems that, when it is dark and cold out, and no one else is awake, my bed has an exceptional gravitational pull. scientists really ought to investigate.

so this is the new plan. i’m going to go to the office from 9 till noon or so, code videos, then go to the gym on my way home. and then i’m coming home to do more tracy anderson death workouts (adding in arms and abs), and then perhaps lie very still until my muscles let me stand up.

i’ve ordered a measuring tape so i can actually track my inches – i don’t think my current system of measurement is too accurate (wrap a phone cord around the part to measure, mark the point where the phone jack touches the cord with my thumbnail, measure that length against the metal measuring tape i use to measure furniture).

it looks like my gym is open for the holiday break, so i’m looking forward to being able to work out without other people around me.

the problem is that i love laziness. and i am the queen of it. yesterday, post-workout, i snuggled up in my bed, watched an alarming number of white collar episodes, ate terrible-but-delicious food, and gave myself an emerald green manicure. leaving my bed is a challenge when it is SO comfortable.

that being said. it is time to get up, put on pants (as grown-ups do), turn in an exam, go to the office, and be productive.