so i think i’ll leave my life and join a burlesque act

alternate post title: we make great decisions when we’re drunk.

last week, my roommate and i learned of a burlesque show coming to our sweet little town. it took roughly the time it took us to read the email about it to decide YES, we needed tickets.

and really, y’all don’t need any more background than that. let me tell you about the show, and how happy it made us.

FIRST. yes, there were nearly-naked people. but it was SO blindingly obvious that the three women who made up this show were totally proud of their bodies and that, y’all, is kind of awesome to witness. the woman who founded the act was like a vintage pin-up come to life. with flaming tassels. like, oh, pretty much all women, her body was not magazine-perfect – but she oozed self-confidence and that was infectious. the audience was so…respectful, actually. we cheered like idiots for everything, and, to sound new-agey and kooky, there was some seriously great energy in the room.

go-go amy loves sequins. and i love her.

obviously i have photos, y’all! and a video of someone we know who was pulled up on stage to have knives thrown at him. which was kind of ridiculous.

one thing with these kinds of events – there are a lot of acts that look fake. sword-swallowing, for instance. but like a good citizen of this century, i looked it up on wikipedia and apparently, with LOTS of practice, one can do this. i’m not saying that i plan to learn this trick. but i’m pretty confident that that whole shtick was real.

holly holiday, fire-breathing, sword-swallowing goddess

and of course, i cannot find a photo of that part of the show. i think i was too busy clutching at my roommate because we were both TERRIFIED. but fire-breathing is pretty nifty, right?

there was little miss firefly, who is a total bad-ass, so do not let her diminutive nature throw you. the woman did a full-body slide across broken glass. ow.

my twitter feed from last night gave you more details on what happened on stage. i will end with this: if you ever get the opportunity to attend a burlesque show (this one was the pretty things peep show), and it sounds legit, you should go. it’s a fantastic celebration of the beautiful and totally weird, and a joyful experience.