my abdominal muscles are going to leave me for a nicer person

i recently purchased the tracy anderson 30-day method (a book. with a dvd. more on that in a moment). i’m using her 30 days of exercises in addition to my own cardio.

and y’all. i. hurt. so much. in the interest of not breaking rules, i’m not going to scan the pictures from the book – but trust me, these exercises find muscles you don’t know are there. i started yesterday (i know. this is premature Proud Blogging). today i sneezed and my abdominal muscles were like WOMAN STOP THE PAIN. there is apparently a band of muscle going from hip to hip and oh, that hurts a load. and all the little ones going up up my stomach? those hurt. oodles of pain.

i don’t know where hip flexors are, besides the hips, but i’m pretty sure those are aching too.

it. all. hurts. that’s my point.

however, the cardio DVD that comes with the book? haha, no. it is like the dancing baby but instead a black-and-white, silent tracy anderson, in a silk harem pants ensemble, dancing around. i cannot tell if i am expected to follow along or just stare slack-jawed.

so instead of her dance cardio, i’m going against what she says to do, and running instead for my cardio. but i’m pretty confident that this combo will do what i want – which is get me to a place where i am most comfortable with myself. i want to feel fit, and not squishy. strong and not floppy. you know. the usual. but this is important. and i hope i can keep it up.

after the 30 days (every ten days you’re introduced to a new set of exercises, a bit harder than before), i’m going to try jillian michaels’ 30-day shred. maybe shaking it up every month will help me stay interested in exercise.

do any of you have trouble starting and sticking to a new routine? what are your tricks to commit to the new thing?