sweet dreams are made of cheese. i want cheese.

(yes. i know. those are not the lyrics. WHATEVER. i want cheese all the same.)

(i wrote this early, i swear. it just REFUSED TO POST.)

good morning, world. i’m writing this from bed. in my pink polka dot pajamas. best christmas gift to myself ever. i’m also writing to complain. please forward this to the appropriate authorities.

my complaint, in a nutshell, is that i slept HORRIBLY.

that was me. this morning. at 4. lying in bed, WIDE AWAKE. partially because i heard the dog come galumphing down the stairs on her way to the car to drive to christmas with her person, and partially because i had a dream that combined poor financial decisions with some kind of medieval drama. and i was convinced that my dream was real, and debated calling my parents to ask for help paying for the  $5000 worth of art i purchased at an auction. in my dream. and there were wolves. and two brothers in a fight over the castle i lived in. and something about batman.

parents, i did not call. you are welcome.

so it took forever to fall asleep, then my alarm went off and now i’m awake and trying to sort out how to do the things on my to-do list.

i will start with a run, i think.