on getting my butt kicked by tracy

HOLY GOD. i hurt. i know this is my second post about the bizarre concept that exercise hurts, but y’all. dang. i’m on day 4 of the tracy anderson 30-day method (i took yesterday off because my muscles were DYING. tracy says not to take days off, but years of being told to give my body a rest when starting a workout plan trump her policy), and i’m noticing two things.

first, she is right when she says it gets easier. it does. i’m at 35 reps for each exercise (for legs and arms, you do the exercises all the way on the right side, then loop back to the left. this way i wear out one side at a time, and it’s a bit better), and while it hurts like a mofo, the more familiar i am with the exercises, the easier it is. and the more i do this, the easier it gets.

second, i’ve read that you don’t really see a difference until a month into a program. likely. but i feel a difference already, which is great motivation. i don’t see any difference in the mirror, the numbers have not changed, but i can feel the muscles that i knew needed extra attention and some that i didn’t know existed. and little things are changing. the lower back pain i’m used to is less there now. still there, just less so.

i know it hasn’t been many days, but 4 days of working out is a big deal for me. i’m sort of proud of myself. this will take time, but i think i’m off to a good start. also, i’m obsessively stocking up on new exercise plans to do after this one. jillian michaels’ 30-day shred! POP pilates challenge! SO MANY THINGS.