merry merry, and such

if you celebrate, merry christmas! and if you don’t, happy sunday!

my family is not religious, but we do love christmas because it’s pretty consistently a low-key day for the three of us to be together. well, five of us – the dogs are pretty much my siblings.

today we made a big-for-us breakfast, opened gifts, all three of us went for runs at some point during the day (mine was more a run-nearly-vomit-then-walk…i should have digested breakfast a bit longer…), and went to see the descendants (hello, george. you’re gorgeous). now there’s turkey in the oven, we’re watching the local news, and dad and i will make pumpkin pie soon.

all in all, a very merry day! hope yours has been a good one! this has been one hell of a year – personally, 2012 really has to be better or i’m going to march down to city hall and have some words with…whoever is in charge of years.