6 days till the 5k

a confession, readers.

i am not up to running 3 miles yet.

2 miles? yes.

running the whole 2?

not quite.

i’ve been pretty good about keeping my only competitor myself – no one else.

still. i wish i was able to run the whole 2.

in six days, the new year’s day 5k takes place. i’m still going to do it, i just don’t think i’ll be running the whole thing. that’s okay. no big deal.

until then, i plan to run 2 miles every day. my theory is that if i keep doing that, i will get to the point where i run the whole 2 non-stop.

and today was better than yesterday. so there’s that. i just need to keep pushing myself. i can tell that my brain is slowly starting to enjoy the workout. yay, brain! i hurt a bit less each time i do a workout, and that helps. i feel better about myself.

again, my only competition is myself. tracking my runs through runkeeper is nice because i can track my progress – my pace yesterday compared to today, even look at the elevation along my run compared to my pace. my pace, by the way, is slow. i think i hit my running peak in 4th grade. luckily, i have no intention of setting that as my goal. my goal is to keep going.

what about y’all? what goals do you set? do you compete with other runners? or just yourself? what makes you move?