saying farewell/good riddance to 2011

i’ll be honest – 2011 was a crapshoot. parts of it were lovely – hitting one year with the man friend, getting into grad school, starting grad school. but a good chunk of it was less than lovely. losing both my maternal grandparents in a 6-week period. feeling a bit frustrated by a lot of things at my old job, and finding out a few things as i left that made me clench my fists and grind my teeth. those events are not many, but they did take up a lot of my energy in 2011, and for that, i am glad to see the year go.

my mom said she hates to think good riddance to this year, but she does. same, really. i don’t regret the year, i just wish it hadn’t been so full of stress and crying and grief.

i was just at the wake of a young woman who died far too soon – and while there, met up with a few close friends from high school. three of us decided to end the night on a slightly sunnier note, and went to catch up over frozen yogurt. we sat and talked for nearly two hours. one thing we discussed was 2011 – between the three of us, we hit the trifecta of Craptastic Life Events. so we talked about what we want for next year, and the idea of resolutions. not so much “i’m going to go sky diving and buy a horse!” but “here are the hopes i have for this year”.

i recently read a post about the concept of picking a word for each year. i’m going to do that this year – my word is definition. as in, definition of me. according to myself, and how i interact with people around me. this means working out, eating healthier, sending cards, making dinner with friends, traveling with friends, calling my grandma, etc. when i think about me, i want to be a solid individual, friend, relative, cook, etc. so i’m finding little things to start the year out with that help me reorient myself in those areas of my life.

my friend ruby said that she is going to start her new year out by embodying what she wants from the new year. i really like this idea – that you start your first day in the new year doing something positive towards what you want the new year to bring. for me, this means ringing it in with relatively new friends, running a 5k, and attending a new year’s day party with old friends.

there will also be champagne, because part of definition is to make sure i come out of this year more fun. and bubbles are fun.

i know that i won’t suddenly gain the ability to control the world next year (well, as far as i know), so sad things may and will still happen. but my hope is that in working on me, and who i am to others, i will be better prepared for the things life can throw in my path.

to quote stanley tucci in the devil wears prada, in regards to next year, i think my motto will be ‘gird your loins’. one, because that line makes me giggle. two, because i want my loins to be better girded for unexpected life events. and three, because hey 2012? GIRD ‘EM.