Monthly Archive: January, 2012

first meltdown of the semester: check

classes started last wednesday (which for me, meant one day of class last week and then a four-day weekend, since i only have class monday through wednesday). yesterday was the first meeting of… Continue reading

hospitals, margaritas, and insomnia

this week has been a bit of a doozy in terms of sanity. tuesday i got a phone call from my mom, on my dad’s phone. which is odd. she was calling to… Continue reading

“if it kills me”, the life story of me

yesterday in an email marathon with my friend K, i told her i was going to “continue exercising if it kills me”. today i said that, while paying off my book purchases on… Continue reading

pucker up, please

in what i acknowledge was a bit of shopping incident on sunday, i hit the local sephora and walked out with a bag of goodies (thus yesterday’s mascara post). one of those goodies… Continue reading

the eyes have it

i have discovered a new favorite mascara. keep in mind, i’ll probably do this again in a month, but when it comes to beauty products, i am a sucker for packaging and promises,… Continue reading

two thoughts

one, who searched for and found my blog using my dad’s website? that is odd. two, i feel confident enough to say that i am now an exercise person. in that going for… Continue reading

looking to the upcoming semester

i cannot decide if i’m excited for this semester or not. given that it starts in two days, i need to figure out my emotional state regarding school. the pros: i’ve missed the… Continue reading

internet-free 36 hours (or, help!!)

I’m visiting my grandma today and tomorrow. There is no internet. At least, no wireless. I don’t know how long I’ll survive. Follow my twitter feed for poorly typed updates.

in which winter ravages my skin, and i beg for help

i am blessed with pretty well-behaved skin. the occasional hormone-driven Death Zit pops up, and sometimes i get redness in the stork bite zone (you know, the triangular red area that some newborns… Continue reading

on the cost of books

i recently spent about $300 on 6 books for the semester. this strikes me as somewhat absurd. given that we’re going into teaching, which is not known for paying well, you would think… Continue reading