i did this today!

i didn’t drink all the bubbly last night so that i could run a 5K this morning! word. forgive the awkward angle, i was having major difficulties putting my bib on (it took me…three tries, i think?), and i think this photo was snapped before my mom leaned in to help. but! i made a pacing buddy, we ran the first two miles at a steady 10:08 pace, then i walked/ran the last mile. my parents met me when i had 3/4 of a mile left (dad) and 1/2 a mile left (mom), and ran with me to the end chutes. i felt pretty good about my time, which should be posted in the next day or two, and pretty pleased that i started my new year off strong.

i’m about to begin the new blog (tess domestic), but it will be a day or two before it is up and running. project 366 starts this evening – i’ll bring my camera to a new year’s day party.

happy 2012!