on the simple joy of a really good ham

seriously, y’all. if you don’t understand the pleasure that eating a really divine virginia ham, then we cannot be friends. or at least you need to get on that.

virginia ham done right

at a friend’s family’s annual new year’s day party (i have been going since i was born, no lie. and the years i had to miss out were sad ones), her father makes this ham. and it is…unheard of. i can’t. just. it is SO GOOD. he sliced it last night and gave everyone standing in the kitchen a small bit and we all made little moaning noises. as he put it, “it’s the fat. that is good fat.”. dear god. sorry. thinking about that…i need a moment.

okay, we’re back. the new blog is live! i tinkered with it for a long time yesterday, so it fits what i was hoping for…i think. there is only one post up (a photo for project 366), but more are ready to go…i’m just pacing myself. the blog is tess, domestic (click here to go there). please take a look and let me know any feedback – and follow along on my domestic adventures!