in which the cashier at whole foods thinks i am insane

and i might be.

i waffled back and forth on whether or not to post about this experience, because i know a few people who will firmly tell me that i am insane for trying something that is sort of loopy.

but. what kind of writer/blogger would i be if i deprived y’all of my first experience doing a juice cleanse? a secretive one, that’s what.

to be clear. this is not a “drink hot water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup all day” thing. nor is it “only drink cranberry juice”. this is “buy a small farm’s worth of fruits and veggies and make juices and do this for three days and follow a very strict regimen”. i know that many people think this sort of thing is a fad diet that will, like, kill me, but here’s the thing: i’m 25. and a grown-up. and i researched this carefully. and talked to people who have done it. and i want to do this. AND THIS IS AMERICA SO I AM GOING TO TRY THIS JUST ONCE.

sorry. clearly i am nervous that i’ll get judged hardcore.

anyhow. there are 50 bloggers who all read the daily julie, who is leading the charge on this start to the new year, and we all have our recipes and instructions and i began today.

and i kind of love it. first, the juices are DELICIOUS. loads of kale. the carrot-apple-ginger juice is my new favorite drink ever. second, and importantly, i’m full. i don’t feel faint. i don’t feel sick at all. no headaches. no furious bowels (hey, it’s a legit concern). not tired. those are the things i worried about. and the things i’ve heard happen on other cleanses.

i’m doing this because my friends who have done this say that they had good experiences doing so, and that they ended the three days feeling rejuvenated, rebooted, and like their unhealthy cravings were gone. after the holidays, i feel blerghly and i crave terrible foods all the time, and my skin is ALL out of whack. i’m hoping that this will reset things a bit, and help me get on track for healthier eating habits.

buying the produce i needed this morning was amusing. 8 am, me in like 17 layers of clothing because it was COLD, and the cashier kid is eying the food, eying me, and clearly DYING to ask what on earth i was doing with it all.

so. i literally have not told any of my friends or family that i’m doing this, soooo hey y’all, i’m doing a juice cleanse. please don’t judge me. if i hate it, well, i’ll know that i hated it. and i like to think that i’m smart enough to know when something just doesn’t work for me. and i’ll have tried it.

i forgot to take pictures of the juices today, so tomorrow i will post a picture and the recipes.

has anyone out there done a juice cleanse like this?