thoughts on day 1, beginning day 2

clearly it is early and i cannot think of a more creative title. my apologies.

first, let me introduce you to my new friend.

my oster juice extractor! a friend gave this to me a year or so ago, when she moved, so i decided that i should use it. finally. the big container on the left is the pulp collector (though half the pulp gets jammed in the lid), you wedge all the fruits and veggies in the tube on the top (the whirling blades of death are just below), and juice gets collected in the smaller container on the right.

day one went well. the first green juice took a minute to adjust to, but now i love it.

kale, cuke, golden delicious apples, lemon, celery, parsley

the juices store perfectly in one of those starbucks cold drink cups, if you’re curious.

i never felt very hungry throughout the day, which was a relief. i didn’t feel overstuffed, either – which makes sense. i did have one five-minute moment where i would have sold a kidney for a burrito, but that passed. i was even able to turn down a cookie (that was tauntingly waved before me by a less-than-kind roommate).

i did sleep in this morning, but i cannot tell if that is normal me behavior (since i often ignore my alarm) or from the juice. i keep touching my face because my skin feels super soft. today is supposed to be a not-fun day during this process, but i feel fine now, so maybe i’ll be the exception?

will keep you posted if i gnaw off anyone’s arm.