day 3: freakishly calm start to the day

typically, when i wake up, i sneeze about twelve times (not an exaggeration), and roll back over to sleep in.

this morning, the start of the last day of my juice cleanse, i feel calm. not shimmery all over (in my research, i found one former cleanser who said that is how she felt on day 3) or ultra-creative or super-powered. just really relaxed and ready for the day.

so i’m sitting in my bed, i’m planning my day, and i feel totally zen.

i know. i sound insane. or like i’m on something. i’m not! i’m just well-rested and feeling better about everything. it’s weird. i like it.

so here is my day, besides the drinking all the juices.

i’m going to go to the gym for a light workout and to sit in the sauna for a bit.

then i’ll go to the office for a few hours to code videos.

after that, the grocery store to buy groceries for my re-entry into real food. i made a huge list last night and planned out my weekend in food. it was glorious. my grocery list has never looked so healthy. i think that means that my hope for this cleanse, that my cravings would be shifted and i would jumpstart a healthier eating habit, is what’s going on. i do have the occasional craving for a burrito, but my groceries today will be mostly green and from the ground. there are some meats on there, but they’re fishy or super-lean. and served with tons of green things.

and because i know people love to hear about results from a cleanse, i will post those later. i will say that last night i noticed that three massive and dark bruises on my legs had vanished completely – they’d been there and angry the day before.