or, the end of the juice cleanse is upon us! woo!

actually, to be honest, i liked doing this. tuesday i was a bit headachy, but other than that, i’ve felt like myself, just WAY healthier than i typically am. let’s change that to ‘was’, shall we? i still love me some cheese, bread, and wine, and will likely overindulge in the three. but i think my normal eating habits need to shift.

for starters, breakfast. pre-juice, i was NOT a breakfast person. i wasn’t ever hungry in the morning, so why would i eat in the morning? done and done. except now i’m realizing that breakfast is how you get the ball rolling on the day. i don’t need to eat a massive meal, just something to wake up my system and give me a boost of energy to start things off. i did a hardcore pantry cleanse yesterday and discovered like 17 tons of oatmeal. hello, breakfast. maybe oatmeal with blueberries (apparently they’re chock full of good stuff)? yes. yes i think so.

lunches are, more often than not, rushed and random. or out-of-house. i think i need to start planning my meals so that, while they can still be rushed (in the semester, i won’t always have a ton of prep time between classes), they’ll be actual food and not something frozen that i microwave. to be fair to myself, that is often a veggie burger, not bagel bites. that only happened once. or twice. shhh. don’t tell. my inner 12-year-old loves them. i think i want to plan it so that dinners leave enough for a lunch or two later that week.

as for dinners! oh man. the healthy and nomtastic options are endless. bon appetit has a ‘healthy eating’ section on their website, martha stewart does too. i have cookbooks galore. i need to take advantage of them. i think this experience has pushed me to get in the kitchen for more than just cookies.

i’ll probably do a juice cleanse once every few months – i am not capable of this once a month, as it turns out. but every few months would be enough to keep my brain on the healthy track, i think.

as to results! well. my skin is crazy soft all over. the random white spots i get around my eyes (which i can see but no one else notices) are gone completely. bruises have vanished. lower back pain was gone (the lower back pain i am having now is related to my angry uterus). in a disgusting turn of events, i spent like ten minutes yesterday evacuating my sinuses and can now breathe properly for the first time in months. i suspect that was because the irritants that typically inflame my nose (dairy, caffeine) are flushed out, and my sinuses were all “ESCAPE!!”.

i also lost 3 pounds. i don’t know if that will stay lost, but it does make me feel a bit better. i was at a weight where i didn’t feel super comfortable in my skin – not overweight, just past my comfort zone. now that i’m back nearer to my comfort zone, i feel more confident in keeping up the gym and good food routine. somehow, when i’m out of my zone, i feel a bit hopeless and tend to stagnate.

so! yay juice cleanses! this was a thing on my to-do list for 2012 – a scary, possibly uncomfortable new thing. and it turns out to be not scary and pretty easy to do.