on scholarships and fellowships and such

because i am covering grad school on my own (with a couple exceptions thrown in), a scholarship or anything that gives me money would be kind of spectacular.

an email just went out letting us know that this year we can nominate ourselves for awards – i guess in years past, you had to depend on someone else nominating you.

i spent five minutes thinking that it is really vain to nominate myself (especially when i’d be going for ones with criteria of ‘outstanding performance’).

then i remembered – the last time i let manners get in the way of money, i didn’t get money, and i got frustrated. if i don’t nominate myself, there is no guarantee someone else will. if i don’t try, i cannot be upset if i don’t get an award.

so i’m applying for three awards (the more the merrier) – but two of them are fellowships and i have NO idea what they entail. how much money? how much work would i do? all that good stuff is unanswered because the website with this information doesn’t really exist.

tomorrow i will meet with the professor who kindly agreed to support my nomination, and we’re going to see if we can do research into these awards before i apply.

has anyone out there done the fellowship thing in a master’s program? thoughts on it?