in which winter ravages my skin, and i beg for help

i am blessed with pretty well-behaved skin. the occasional hormone-driven Death Zit pops up, and sometimes i get redness in the stork bite zone (you know, the triangular red area that some newborns have? i never had one but when i am upset i get an inverted triangle of fury on my forehead). but overall, my skin and i are on good terms.

except for right now. usually in the winter my skin is a bit drier but nothing out of control. this winter has been SO warm and mostly dry that my skin is all “what? freak out!” and i have dry patches. i used a new face product in november which led to an allergic reaction, so my forehead was red and dry and cranky. after over a month, that is finally fading away, but i have dry patches around my right eye and on the bridge of my nose, and one over on the side of my face near the hairline. i have NO idea how to deal with them. i drink plenty of water, i wash my face with warm-not-hot water, i use moisturizers religiously…i even started using origins drink up face mask – in the evening before i put on my face cream and in the morning before i put on my SPF-laden moisturizer.

i use a gentle exfoliator once a week and a complexion brush twice a week. I AM SO GOOD TO YOU, SKIN. i think the serious temperature wonkiness is screwing with me. any suggestions for how to combat Extreme Random Dry Patches?