on the cost of books

i recently spent about $300 on 6 books for the semester.

this strikes me as somewhat absurd. given that we’re going into teaching, which is not known for paying well, you would think that professors would seek out inexpensive textbooks. or would remember that some of us are paying our way through school now and need to not spend that much on books. and one class has a book that will cost me $150, and i haven’t purchased it yet because that is RIDICULOUS.

i know that some of these books might be useful for the semester. but i don’t plan on keeping any of them unless they happen to change my life. and when i go to sell them back, i know i’ll get less than half their value. because textbooks change editions every year. so, for example, i tried to sell a book that was published in 2010 back yesterday. the bookstore couldn’t find it in the system and told me it was worthless. really? i cannot imagine too much has changed to cause that book to be useless. i’ll probably sell it on amazon, but still! i spent $120 on it in august. on what planet does it lose value so rapidly? clearly books have crappier values than cars.

i know i spent more on books in college. i remember that. it’s still absurd. and shouldn’t be the case. given what tuition is, books should be a bonus gift. “thanks for the tuition money! here are your books for the semester, please return in five months with little to no damage!”