looking to the upcoming semester

i cannot decide if i’m excited for this semester or not.

given that it starts in two days, i need to figure out my emotional state regarding school.

the pros: i’ve missed the girls in my program, so seeing them will be great. and i’m looking forward to being in a different classroom for my field placement. i am excited about a couple of classes – because i’ve heard they’re good – and my schedule means i get 4-day weekends, which is stellar.

the cons: no one has told us what our second field placement will be (including the professor who is supposed to be in charge of it), which is frustrating. and my books are crazy expensive – i have to get one more that will set me back $150 (this is absurd). i think i’m also not thrilled that i know that everything this semester will be as unorganized as last semester…i know that as i start the semester, i don’t want to spend my days waiting to hear that something new has popped up or is delayed again. it makes enjoying school harder than i expected.

it didn’t help that, while my break wasn’t bad, it wasn’t spectacular either. so i think i’m returning feeling relatively ‘meh’ about the school year, and a bit apprehensive about what to expect.

maybe once classes start wednesday, i’ll start to feel a bit more enthusiastic. right now…eh. i don’t know what i think.