two thoughts

one, who searched for and found my blog using my dad’s website? that is odd.

two, i feel confident enough to say that i am now an exercise person. in that going for an angry workout kind of calmed down the loud angry voices in my head who were all “UGH SO MUCH FOOD” and “I AM NEVER GOING TO FIND A JOB” and “HOLY GOD I WILL NEVER SEE ANY OF MY FRIENDS OR FAMILY NEXT FALL DURING STUDENT TEACHING” and “GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP”. so the voices are still there, just a little afraid of how loud my music was and so they’re raising their hands and waiting their turn like good little voices in the head.

oh god. i am crazy.

but! i have new workout pants on (they were WAY on sale and have hot pink piping, i had to buy them) and they have ankle zippers (um, if you know what purpose they serve, do tell) and a hidden pocket for my ID and keys and my debit card so i could buy a pass for the gym’s drop-in classes. and they’re skin-tight so wearing them is EXCELLENT motivation to keep working out in the hopes that i will be able to breathe in them.

that all being said, i’m going to bake and eat an entire pan of brownies now. the voices like chocolate.