the eyes have it

i have discovered a new favorite mascara. keep in mind, i’ll probably do this again in a month, but when it comes to beauty products, i am a sucker for packaging and promises, and this one is pretty major on both fronts.

this is gifted, a mascara by taste cosmetics. and i love it. first, the bottle is pretty. second, it’s much more natural than other mascaras – which, given that the product is all up in my face and occasionally i sneeze and stab myself in the eye while applying it…is a good thing.

it promises to condition my lashes, which sounds nice for them. i actually have no idea what that really means, if anything at all. luckily for tarte, lash conditioning sounds awesome, so i bought this product. for the time being, i like that it makes my lashes look all big and pretty. and it comes off easily BUT did not get washed off during a gym run yesterday (note: i do not typically wear makeup to workout, i just happened to be wearing it while working out). so, if you want a mascara that is big on promises and has a nifty package to boot, y’all should give this a whirl.