pucker up, please

in what i acknowledge was a bit of shopping incident on sunday, i hit the local sephora and walked out with a bag of goodies (thus yesterday’s mascara post). one of those goodies was the cream lip stain from sephora’s line of cosmetics (in strawberry kissed)

a lip stain is like a lipstick in terms of pigmentation but unique in that it holds on for dear life by sinking into your lips’ natural edges. so if you compared two bright reds – a lipstick and a lip stain – the lipstick would glide over the nooks and crannies of your kisser, while the stain sinks in and makes it seem that your lips really are just that gorgeous all the time. stains tend to last a while (this one certainly did) and because they dry a little as they go on, i don’t get as many smudging issues. i do find myself applying chapstick when i wear a lip stain, but this cream lip stain is more moisturizing, so i didn’t notice any drying out.

highly recommend if you want to test out wearing bright lips but are worried about perma-staining the office coffee mugs or your teeth.