hospitals, margaritas, and insomnia

this week has been a bit of a doozy in terms of sanity.

tuesday i got a phone call from my mom, on my dad’s phone. which is odd. she was calling to let me know she was in the ER. as i recall, she sounded super calm about this. my brain, meanwhile, shut down for an hour of panic prep. mom’s appendix was apparently enraged (and, uh, had been for four weeks) – and so would be making its exit that day.

a note on me and hospitals: i hate them. they freak me out. especially when someone i love is in one.

i stupidly did a google search for appendicitis and promptly zeroed in on the “possibly caused by tumors of doom” portion of the site i was reading. WISE MOVE, KROVETZ.

so i went to a friend’s place for tea, drove to the hospital (a shiny new one. still a hospital), and spent 5 hours there while my mom told her life story to every nurse, had surgery, and got settled into her room for the night. we’ve done the surgery thing before – my dad had surgery a few summers ago – and this was no different in terms of my visceral reaction to seeing a parent all woozy from pain meds.

luckily, surgery went well, and she went home the next day. STILL. not cool, universe.

then a friend found out scary news about her dad, so we all went for jumbo margaritas (i could easily swim in one of them) and watched a disney movie and sent happy thoughts out into the world.

needless to say, i have NOT been sleeping this week, which makes me very cranky and anti-social. i get into bed and then stare at the ceiling for two hours, and once i do fall asleep, i am guaranteed to wake up around 4 to sit in bed and stare at the clock and feel twitchy. i finally slept like a hibernating bear last night, so i’m hoping this continues…i need my sleep in order to be a pleasant person.

how do you handle stress? do you oversleep? under sleep? not sleep at all?