“if it kills me”, the life story of me

yesterday in an email marathon with my friend K, i told her i was going to “continue exercising if it kills me”.

today i said that, while paying off my book purchases on my credit card hurt like a mofo, i was not going to carry a balance on my credit card if it kills me.

so now i think i’ll write an autobiography and call it ‘if it kills me’, since apparently my approach to ‘basic grown-up activities’ is one of teeth-gritting, eye-squinting responsibility.

but y’know. these two actions mean i am sticking to my resolutionary (see what i did there? CLEVER) guns. i’m working out (someone asked if i lost weight…not the goal of this but still nice to hear that my work is noticed) AND being all fiscally responsible and shit.

this weekend i continue my “be a better friend” efforts – vineyard exploration with some folks, and sending cards to a few people (including way belated thank you notes) (having spent money on my cousins and received no thanks this year, i finally understand why thank you notes are important) (punk kids)

how are your resolutions going? did you make any this year?