an update on everythin

hi, y’all.

i’m still alive. really. just been a VERY hectic semester so far, and i really haven’t had the right kind of energy for writing.

but i’m here. so. updates!

school: stressful. that is the word for this semester. i’m in two different elementary classrooms for my placements, which was unexpected. and my five classes all happen between monday and wednesday. and i really only enjoy two of them. the other three, to pick a word for each: chaoticunorganizedhotmess, nutjobteacherworstclassever, toomanypeopleforthetopicathand. luckily, the frustration of those three classes means i am bonding with the women in my program – and a couple of us have become gym buddies (leading to a delightfully painful spin class). and the two classes that i love are really great – i can see how what we’re learning will be useful.

blogging: haha. no. not right now. but i did just get made a style ambassador for modcloth, one of my favorite websites/clothing purveyors ever. expect more on that later.

baking: i try. i made homemade funfetti cupcakes for the super bowl. those were delicious. i also tried my hand at piping frosting. aaaand, not so much a strength. yet.

cooking: sort of. when i have the willpower.

working out: YES. ha. i succeed. i’ve been mostly good about going four times a week – two gym classes and two regular workouts a week. no weight loss, but i feel better about things. it helps.

anyhow. my new mantra is ‘one step at a time’. and to not be too hard on myself if i misstep. and to remember that i cannot control it all. i have found a friend and unofficial advisor in a professor from last semester, which is incredibly comforting. and i woke up to a puppy video in my inbox from one of my good friends from the program. which made me giggle. oooo, here. let’s end on a puppy note!!

puppy attack