Monthly Archive: March, 2012

teaching and crying: the two go hand-in-hand

surprisingly, this is not about me crying over school, but rather the joyous moment when i made a child cry. by joyous, i mean “i still feel awful about it” one of the… Continue reading

happy birthday to my soulmate/bestfriend/roommate-for-all-eternity

okay so. first off. i love my boyfriend, but today is not his birthday. today is my all-time-most-favorite person’s birthday. whitney. whitness. whitnastafarian. (we did nicknames a lot in college. everyone experiments, okay?).… Continue reading

the effect of sunshine on my brain, giving fewer than one hooey about things, and sleep deprivation

shorter title: i’ve lost my damn mind. after a not-cold-but-not-warm-just-kind-of-yucky winter, it suddenly went from “40” to “80” in the temperature department. and i realized, yet again, that while i don’t get totally… Continue reading

on my “ideal situation” at school

yesterday, as those of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed, was a Very Grumpy Day. that lower-than-expected grade, combined with my two least favorite courses and a slightly hectic/different schedule, led… Continue reading

on grading, and fairness, and i need to whine

one of the biggest lessons we’re learning in this program is that, when we create a task for a student, we provide them with the rubric we’re using to grade them. this lets… Continue reading

wine tasting for staycation

wine tasting date with the man friend

feeling like a kid, deja vu, and bread

something important to know about me is that you can basically predict the weather by what i wear. if i put on a light-colored anything, or impossibly irresponsible shoes, it will rain. if… Continue reading