on grading, and fairness, and i need to whine

one of the biggest lessons we’re learning in this program is that, when we create a task for a student, we provide them with the rubric we’re using to grade them. this lets them know our expectations for them and how they can get a good grade.

in one of my courses this semester, our professor is, um, not doing that. at all. we just got grades back on a movie review (sigh) and i got a grade that is literally 2 points above the lowest grade i can get in this program. i emailed to ask why this was (i could only see the grade online, not the reasons), and i was told that they used a rubric they made based on what was written in the syllabus about this assignment.

so. let’s be clear. we worked off of a few sentences describing the task. and were graded according to a different version of the expectations. because i know what i turned in. it wasn’t brilliant, but it was well written, it covered what was asked, and it was within the page limit. but my professor used a different system to grade me. and i find that so f*ing unfair. i have that class today. after i get my paper back, i plan to be a pain in the ass about it.

anyhow. i feel very grumpy about this grade situation. and like we’re not being treated fairly. and i hate it.