Monthly Archive: April, 2012

i can’t even THINK of a title for this

but today, and mom, i mean this in a good way, i think i became my mother for a split second. in my car. driving with one hand on the shifter, the other… Continue reading

further evidence i am not a grown-up

1. i never check the weather before i leave, so today i was like “oh, clouds? probably not rain clouds. i’m good to go” and now my inappropriate shoes are DRENCHED. 2. i… Continue reading

two-week crunch, fear of crowds, and coffee

in the next two weeks, my to-do list is like this: everythingRIGHTNOW. seriously. professors. converse amongst yourselves. make sure your students are not working on so many similar projects at the same time that none… Continue reading

my to-do list is giving me a panic attack

FIRST. happy happy birthday to the manfriend! love you/cannot wait for our weekend trip to baltimore!! second. either it’s the coffee or i’m actually having heart flutterings because of my to-do list. 1.… Continue reading

in which i earn points towards my grown-up card, with bonus cake

today, i had a little epiphany. no angels sang, i saw no light (beyond what was fluorescently lighting the classroom), and it wasn’t a spectacularly thrilling moment. but i still count it as a… Continue reading

quick wednesday thought

i think i accidentally gave up coffee this week. not sure how i did that. but (with one tiny exception) i haven’t really had any this week…i suspect that my body has not… Continue reading

reasons i cannot diet

(not that i feel that i need to, just that “eating three balanced meals” is a good thing) 1. i HATE breakfast but i’ve been making myself eat a bowl of stupid cereal*… Continue reading

wednesday and i are off to a bad start

(in list form, of course) 1. due to a recurring infection, i’m on antibiotics. whee. except my maybe-allergy to penicillin means that i take all kinds of not-penicillin when i do take antibiotics,… Continue reading

the satisfaction of a good list

oh man do i LOVE me a good list. usually i make a list after i’ve started doing things from said list. like today (which is now yesterday. I’M TYPING FROM THE PAST.… Continue reading

crunch time: the last month of the year

first, can we all take a moment to be in awe? i’m one month away from being done with my first year of  graduate school. there will be a ‘best/worst of’ post once… Continue reading