crunch time: the last month of the year

first, can we all take a moment to be in awe? i’m one month away from being done with my first year of  graduate school.

there will be a ‘best/worst of’ post once exams are done. trust.

second, it appears that my professors did not collaborate, and simply decided to throw all the projects into this 4-week period.

let’s see.

this week: HUGE group project due today in language arts, smaller individual project due in math on wednesday

next week: big individual project due wednesday in math

the week after: either nothing, or my professors have not updated us

the last week of the month: wait hold on. let me update my calendar. OKAY BACK NOW. the last week of the month – nothing really. but on may 1, the last day of class? big final project due for special ed course, then the next day the big final project for language arts is due.

and i think…i THINK that we have one more big mamajama due for my instruction/assessment course. not sure when, or what. no syllabus available online. super annoying. but i think we just have an exam in math. and no other class.

so. i can do this, right? this is not SO bad. maybe. this week the city schools are on break, so i’m HOPING to be good and get a ton of stuff done. we’ll see…