the satisfaction of a good list

oh man do i LOVE me a good list.

usually i make a list after i’ve started doing things from said list. like today (which is now yesterday. I’M TYPING FROM THE PAST. THIS IS AWESOME) i started without a list, then went home and crawled under my bed and dragged out the ginormous suitcase of doom (GSD) and went through my coats and miscellaneous crap in said GSD and here is what i learned:

  • i bought a red coat this winter despite having one already. now i have TWO red coats. one is, like, crazy hot red. the other is like…cozy tomato red.
  • i desperately need to go to the dry cleaner’s. and the tailor’s.
  • i have a snowglobe in that GSD. no idea why.

then i made a list! my monday list. here’s what it looked like.

class 815-945



-spring closet cleaning


-class 1-345





oh hey now. THREE THINGS CROSSED OFF. I AM AWESOME AT THIS. also please note that the two things that i should do are question marked because…meh. but then i was thinking. and i was like, hey, being a grown-up. HOW DO I FEEL? so i made a list.

  • i eat what i want. THIS IS GOOD. except for when i’m all “hey, let’s eat cake for breakfast” and then i have a weird sugar high at 8 am and regret it all.
  • bills. i am not a fan.
  • weird smells in household appliances are now my responsibility. the washing machine smells FUNKY and all i could think was “ugh, i should look that up online”
  • i’m acutely more aware of all the things that could go wrong with my body. last night i nearly had a panic attack because i felt a bruise on my ribs and i was like I PROBABLY HAVE INTERNAL BLEEDING. which was followed by if i die in my sleep, i really am going to regret how dirty my room is when the paramedics come to retrieve my body.
  • jobs. i overheard that the job market is The Worst Ever. and now am like CRAP this stupid degree will be worthless. when i was 5, jobs were the last thing i worried about. i was going to be a marine biologist when i grew up. done and done.

okay. not the best list. but i had a strong coffee and then my Walk to Class playlist was all upbeat and dancy and i was in the mood for a good list. there is something bizarrely controlling and comforting about putting everything into lists. pros! cons! wants! needs! so many things to organize.

you can ask my friends. i send emails in list form. i’m not normal. at all. it’s cool. i don’t mind. but even if i don’t complete the list, i have a place where my scattered thoughts come together in a nice organized fashion, and it makes me look like a Real Person who can totally do it all. though, y’all? our little secret? you can totally chuck a list if you are failing at it. no one will know. yeah. it’s true. and the best part of being a grown-up. you get to do what you want. within limits. wait. i’m not saying go out and commit crimes. crap. um. you get to eat cake for breakfast. that kind of ‘do what you want’.

good grief. this is why we don’t blog when we have caffeine.

i’ll add that to a list of things to remember.