wednesday and i are off to a bad start

(in list form, of course)

1. due to a recurring infection, i’m on antibiotics. whee. except my maybe-allergy to penicillin means that i take all kinds of not-penicillin when i do take antibiotics, so today’s pill of choice is a giant grey-and-yellow horse pill. i swear to god. i’m pretty skilled at taking pills without liquid, but these bad boys might actually cause me to keel over.

2. due to being in grad school, the only time i could pick up said killer horse pills was 6 this morning. so i was up WAY too early for my liking. and was the only customer in the entire store. it was fun. really.

3. my coffee’s insulating sleeve broke. i know, this is small potatoes. but irritating potatoes nonetheless.

4. i got home and the dog howled at me. i felt shamed.

5. it’s okay, though, because i’ll turn in a Giant Project today and meet my dad for coffee and all will be well.

in all seriousness, my doctor was on vacation this week and i sent her a “hey, i need medicine” email, and because it was of urgent import, she called in a prescription from whatever exotic locale she is currently calling home. let it be said – that woman is how all healthcare should be. or we should have a “humans sometimes know what’s wrong” option and can just call in some prescriptions on our own*. that would have been nice. however, if i ever move from c’ville, losing my doctor will actually be kind of devastating.

*yes, this would be abused. so i’m not serious. but i am serious that doctors who care about their patients and take time to know them and trust them are my favorites.