my to-do list is giving me a panic attack

FIRST. happy happy birthday to the manfriend! love you/cannot wait for our weekend trip to baltimore!!

second. either it’s the coffee or i’m actually having heart flutterings because of my to-do list.

1. work. try to get all the things done.

2. group meeting. joy.

3. wait, before the meeting, run to the ATM. so i can pay to park.

4. lunch? maybe. up for debate

5. teach a mini lesson to a second grader

6. buy bread and cheese for happy hour with friends

7. buy birthday present for aforementioned manfriend

8. laundry! because i don’t think i’m allowed to run around in public naked

9. PACK. so i can wear clothing in dc/baltimore this weekend.

10. happy hour with friends! cheese and bread counts as dinner.

11. homework. so i don’t spend the weekend doing that.