two-week crunch, fear of crowds, and coffee

in the next two weeks, my to-do list is like this: everythingRIGHTNOW. seriously. professors. converse amongst yourselves. make sure your students are not working on so many similar projects at the same time that none of them can tell you what they’re doing!

it also would appear that there is a big old research conference going on in the library, and i’m in the computer lab in the back of the library and desperately need to pee but have already galumphed through the conference twice (once en route to computer, once to the printer) and kicked over a chair by accident. and i really don’t want to go back through the crowd AGAIN. but i do have to pee.

this led to kate the great telling me that “everyone can pee in the library”, which, admittedly, would be much more awkward than just walking through the crowd to get to the proper potty.

sorry. this is entirely too much time spent discussing my bladder.

also i want more coffee but already had an almost-heart-attack this morning after one sip of a latte and a roommate jumping out of the house to scare the pants off me. so no more coffee. or roommates. or pants.

for those of you keeping track, i am losing my mind.