life goals for the summer

summer is close, and it tastes like a mojito and smells like fresh hay.

in that light, and as i am SO CLOSE to done with school projects, here’s my list of life goals for the summer.

1. get back in the kitchen

2. get back running.

3. get my hair some lovin’. a trim and some style and i’ll feel like a real person.

4. one juice cleanse, probably in may, to de-gunk my soul

5. read. a lot. for pleasure.

6. deep clean the living daylights out of my room.

7. keep it that way

8. get rid of my TV and DVD player. i never use them.

9. pare down my stock of beauty crap. good gravy.

10. wear bright lipstick always

11. purge my collection of bedsheets. and invest in one really, really good set.

12. blog more.

13. drink more great wine.

14. spend quality time with my favorite people. i slacked on being a great friend because i turn into a hermit when i stress out, and i need to undo that bad behavior.

15. send letters to people.

16. call nana. not just on her birthday.

17. catch up on my trashy tv.

what are your life goals for the summer? it’s the first day of may! everything should be in bloom and happy and ready for a fresh start.