the grad school detox

i feel pretty confident in saying that grad school has done a number on me. mental issues aside, i now weigh ten pounds more than i did in august of 2011, i get stress zits way more often (along my jawline, taunting me), i’m crazy dependent on coffee, and my whole system cannot function without stress eating.

so. i have one exam left, which i’m not too worried about, and this week i’ve started the grad school detox. here’s the program, for those of you in need of a little degunking (a juice cleanse will happen later).

run. every day. even a bad run is better than no run. during yesterday’s run i saw black spots and ended up walking about half the run, but i ran. today, after some work, i’ll run again.

no coffee. tea. is great. running in the AM perks me up. very little alcohol, so i can sleep properly.

three square meals. portion control. i’m currently eating breakfast (not my thing AT ALL), drinking lemon tea, and the cereal i’m eating? i took out a f*cking measuring cup to ensure that i got the serving size down pat. eating a huge bowl of pasta (cough, i did that last night) might be awesome but i’m 90% sure that serving size was for 6 full-grown football players. i am not a large man.

snacks are allowed, but make them good for you. half an avocado. a few strawberries. some edamame. eating a whole bag of chips will just make me sad.

desserts. um. i’m waffling on that. i love chocolate. maybe one cookies, or some strawberries. last night it was a green juice from naked juice, which was NOT chocolate. but filled me. and satiated the need for food.

outer love. i have a new face-cleaning routine. sticking to that this week makes me feel purty. as does wearing bright lipsticks and fancy shoes.

make my bed. every day. clean my room. do the laundry. it’s like feng shui but only for cleaning, not for arranging.

do things. normal things. go to the bank. sell back some books. watch a bad movie. read a delicious book. sit on the porch. reclaim my leisure time. grad school stole that from me in spades. i want it back.

so. that is my plan. next monday i take one of the state exams for licensure, then i think at some point i’ll knock out another 3-day juice cleanse (though maybe throw in some new recipes from another book i got). i am pretty sure that doing this will realign my brain and body from the obstacle course/bumper cars of school.